Photo reports

Do you need to do a social report for your Wedding or Event?

We are delighted that you found us. Surely you are about to get married or celebrate a very important event and you are looking for a professional photographer to take a photo report for your important date.

We offer social reporting services and professional wedding photos for any group of people. We have been in the sector for more than 30 years and we love recording and collecting the best moments of your lives.



We have high quality cameras to guarantee maximum resolution in all photo reports. Request an appointment so we can learn more about your event: or if you prefer, call us at 933255793.

Visit us on our website where you will find professional photographic reports:


If what you need is a report for your products or services of your business, we will make sure that your company shines visually, thereby increasing sales.

We adapt to any sector and niche in which you are, since the experience of 30 years photographing prestigious Hotels, highly reputable Restaurants and International Companies has given us the ability to cover any project by carrying out a photographic report with maximum effectiveness .



Professional reporting in Food, Cosmetics, E-Commerce Stores, Jewelry, Fashion and Automotive are some of the sectors with which we work, to do a good job.

We invite you to take a look at our website specialized in professional reports for your company or business.



If you live in Barcelona and want to organize an event and are immediately looking for a professional event photographer. We will help you solve this problem by sending a person in charge of the photographic report of your event.

You will not have to worry about this task during the entire course of the event, since our photographer will be in charge of photographing all the details of the event.

Has the event lasted longer than expected? No problem.
The social reporting expert will stay as long as you need until the event is over.

For more information about photographic reporting in Barcelona, visit us on our website professional photography in Barcelona.