Tips for your passport photo

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Wear your hair down

When your hair looks good, you look good, it is one of the main tips for the passport photo, your hair frames your face, so let it down and style it a few days before the photo, but remember to abide by the rules of where you will use the photo, if they don’t allow dyed hair, then avoid it, keep the style natural but pleasing to the eye.

Corrective makeup

One of the most obvious passport photo tips is the use of makeup, but what type of makeup is best? As there is a strong flash, which creates a really dull lighting, which makes you look almost green, it is advisable to use color, but not too much, natural makeup is best.

An apricot shade, a matte contouring bronzer, or a rosy cheek color all work well and will counteract any discoloration. This will help with the texture of your skin for a healthier effect.

Practice, smile and rehearse

As an extra tip for a passport photo, practice your photography, poses and expressions:

Smile with your eyes «smile»

The technique of model Tyra Banks, whose benefits illuminate the face and prevent sour or angry expressions.

The perfect pose

Practice relaxing the tension in your facial muscles in the mirror. The goal is to appear calm and confident, without appearing bug-eyed.


This is your perfect excuse to take as many selfies as you can and practice your pose before heading to the photographer. Sit up straight and roll your shoulders back to lengthen the appearance of your neck.

Photos of the Barcelona Eixample Card

Since passport photos have a bad reputation, we give you some tips for the perfect passport photo, whether you are a professional or an amateur, the more you photograph, the more you learn, as simple as that, You will begin to understand how to use your camera at different angles, also to identify and what works and what doesn’t.

At the same time, try to communicate with your client and show them the photograph so that they can choose it, this way you will have positive feedback and you will be able to memorize which points work with each type of face, complexion, sex and age. Paying attention is very important, each photograph is unique, but many faces are similar.

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Be sure to follow our recommendations for hair, makeup, and posing; These ID photo tips are fail-safe and guaranteed, you’ll be able to smile when you hand in your photo and think «I look sexy» on your next trip or at a club, every time for years to come!